Volunteers Needed
Meal Distribution Program
Volunteers Needed
Meal Distribution Program

Bethlehem Baptist Church Meal Distribution Program

Volunteer Job Descriptions

Bethlehem Baptist Church has been selected to serve our community as a food distribution site to help fight hunger on the Route One Corridor each Friday from 1:00 – 2:00 p.m.   You are invited to partner with God and your church family to make this venture a success.  A total of 12 volunteers are needed each Friday to donate 1-2 hours of your time to make this happen.  Please note the job description and timeline below and register to volunteer to serve on BBC’s website.  Please bring your mask to the site.  Gloves will be provided.  If you have questions, please contact your kinfolk deacon or Sister Brenda Faison at 703-360-5472.


Needed:  1 or 2 licensed drivers to pick up the 150 meals at 9:00 a.m. from:
SevaTruck Foundation
2815 Old Lee Hwy.
Fairfax, Va.
The estimated arrival time from the SevaTruck Foundation location to Bethlehem Baptist Church is, 10:30 am.  Deliver meals to the Jaffee Feree White Multi-purpose Room.  Once you have completed your delivery, you may leave, unless there’s a shortage of volunteers and you are available to assist in packing and distribution.

Meal Preparer

Needed: 3 Volunteers to prepare (pack) the meals  
The volunteers will pack the meals in brown lunch bags.  Once the meals are bagged the volunteers will place them on serving trays to be taken outside and set on the tables for distribution.

Meal Distributor

Needed:  4 Volunteers to distribute the meals  
One individual will welcome the persons seeking a meal and determine the number of meals needed.  Food will be distributed to individuals in their cars from prepared trays in the order that the vehicles or the foot traffic arrive.  Volunteers will maintain the recommended social distancing at all times and wear masks and gloves.